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Train horn kits aren’t just for trucks and cars. These motorcycle train horns may be small but they can be heard from distances away. These train horn kits were designed to work with the limited installation space available for motorcycles, foregoing the frills and condensing the most essential elements of freight train horn sound for your enjoyment.

These direct drive train horns do away with a separate holding air tank. The mini pump is continuous and the horn will sound when activated. These kits are appropriate for motorcycles, RVs, hot rods, boats or anywhere a full system is not feasible. Not as loud as a true high pressure tank/train horn compressor system but it's got that air horn sound and is plenty loud to boot!

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Customer Reviews

"I've cobbled together a train horn setup on my truck before, but the kit I bought from (Tempest Train Horn Kit) came with very high quality parts. Install was simple and the horns work flawlessly. Well worth it to buy the kit complete."

- Danny M. (Kirksville, MO)

"The train horn I got from was the real deal. The Nathan AirChime K5LA 5 Gallon Kit was the missing piece to completing my custom truck. Nothing comes close to the authentic train sound produced by the Nathan train horns. it was worth every penny."

- Brett D. (El Paso, TX)