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Hello. I ordered the Dominion Stage 3 Train Horn set and I couldn't be happier. The instructions were easy to follow and I had success at the first blast. Thanks for a great product.

Henry C.
Billings, Montana

I thought I might have to spend over $1000 on a Nathan train horn kit to get the tone I was looking for. Ha! I got the loud full train horn tone for less than half that at Many thanks!

Steve P.
Houston, TX

I've only had the Dominion Stage 2 for a week but my truck buddies are all jealous. It's plenty loud and has authentic tone. Perhaps I'll be sending more business your way.

Shaun M.
Aspen, CO

My train horn proved invaluable last Friday on a trip across I78 in Pa. This is a rough road at spots and I saw a half back door flip open. Inside were horses! This was a trucker pulling a horse trailer. The car in front of my pulled along side and blew his horn to no avail. Trucks were flying at 75mph and the hose trailer was making a racket. Next I pulled alongside and blew my train horn three times. The driver looked right over and I motioned him to stop. When I told him his back door was open, he thanked me for letting him know. The horses were not restrained in there, he said.

Your buyers need to know this is not just a toy but a potentially life-saving signaling device.

Allentown, PA

When I received my Legend Level 4 Kit I saw that it was missing the pressure switch. I e-mailed you that I needed the other one. Seems like you jumped right on it because I got it 3 days later. That's what i call good customer service.

Bakersfield, CA

I ordered from you for a strange reason. I followed your train horn videos and your competitors and I did not see you feature videos with kids crawling down main street and starling and scaring people with loud train horn blows. And they cackle like this is cool. I consider yours a mature business that I can trust. Thanks for the restraint you've shown.

Billy M.
Eugene, Oregon

I had been looking over other train horn sites but was underwhelmed by the selection. When I discovered, I felt I was home. Great prices too! I haven't ordered yet but I will soon.

Hector R.
Houston, Texas

I will place my order when I break for lunch today...thanks for all of your help, and I for sure will put my testimonial on your site. I've contacted 3 separate train horn facilities and none were so willing to take time to help me. Thanks again for all of your help!!

Jamie F.
Hilliard, Ohio

We spoke end of March about a Siege compressor that went south, you helped me and I ordered the 325C compressor. I've mounted, and wired it up and hit the switch...I am amazed how much more quiet this Viair compressor is, and when the air psi drops below the limit how quick it fills back up...Thanks again for your help, and for offering a great product!!

Jamie F.
Hilliard, Ohio

I'd really like to thank you for all the help you did and for answering ALL my questions. No other website was as helpful as and no other website had better prices either. K well Thanks for everything.

Sergio G.
Visalia, CA